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The No.1 Sales Managers Tool

Make your management life easier, your salespeople more productive and get a clear focus for 2011 and beyond.

The No.1 Sales Managers Tool is a structured system that turns guessing into qualifying and quantifying - producing consistent sales results from everyone in your team!

Begin transforming your sales team and their results!

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Top salespeople are experts in answering these 6 questions every day ....

  1. How many people should I have in my pipeline?
  2. Who are the best prospects to work with?
  3. How do I move deals forward?
  4. Which prospects do I drop from my pipeline?
  5. How do I get an accurate forecast for my manager?
  6. How should I spend my time each day?

Salespeople don’t come with these capabilities built-in, but almost any salesperson can learn to make better decisions in each area.

That is what The No.1 Sales Managers Tool can do for you!
It gives you the "process" that governs HOW salespeople work - every day.

In The No.1 Sales Managers Tool you will learn about:

  • Date-driven selling and why it is the most powerful sales process in the world.
  • How a “common language” unlocks the productivity in each salesperson.
  • The questions that salespeople need to ask themselves each day that drive daily sales behaviors.
  • How calendar management is really meant to work.
  • The powerful questions that salespeople need to be asking prospects in order to move more deals
  • forward within the sales cycle.

The No.1 Sales Managers Tool can also be implemented as a tool within various CRM systems, including and Microsoft Dynamics.

What Our Clients Say:

We believe in date-driven selling, as presented through the DEI system. The integration of the ... System into our has been a god-send to help us keep sales people accountable, and leave all ambiguity at the door when it comes to forecasting on real opportunities.

The visual interaction of "The Board" is a stunning mechanism to bridge prospect/lead and opportunity tracking, and allow management to hone in on their staff's sales ratios and through the reporting we can pull from the process. ... If you are following a date-drive sales methodology as presented through the DEI Sales System, I highly recommend you consider this app ... It's worth it!!!

Dana Epp
Scorpion Software


The most obvious result and easiest to measure is that we are 30% ahead of where we were last year at the same time, in essentially the same market conditions.
Bob Flynn, DM Verizon
The tool addressed each of the deficiencies in our existing process, added visibility of new opportunities to our executive team and most importantly helped create the discipline required to generate a successful sales process.
David P. Hempson, Sr. VP Business Development
Marietta Corporation

What You Get

  • 10 online videos for the MANAGER
    1 Rule for each week
  • 10 online videos for the SALES TEAM
    to follow your lead
  • A downloadable WORKBOOK showing
    what you need to do each week: step-by-step
  • Plus a hard copy of Rules of the Road for the Sales Team:
    "The Manager’s Essential Handbook
    for Creating the Self-Correcting Team"

In the US and worldwide 500,000 salespeople have applied these
PROVEN RULES, in over 10,000 companies during the last 30 years.

Sales team

Solve the Toughest Sales Problems

You want this to happen:

  • Forecasts should be accurate each month
  • Dead prospects can be spotted early
  • Salespeople’s calendars are scheduled
  • Activity increases in line with target requirement

You want this to STOP happening:

  • No more slippage or roll-overs on top deals
  • No more fruitless internal sales meetings
  • No more dependence on the “big” deal
  • No more missed targets and “nearly-made-it” months

How can you make this happen?

The No.1 Sales Managers Tool is a sales process programme that you can implement over 10 weeks, based on 10 proven rules that directly affect the daily behaviors of your salespeople.

Your role is to prepare your salesteam to work with our easy-to-understand system, to share the Rules - 1 per week if you like, or faster as suits you - and then to focus your weekly internal sales meetings based on this proven process. You will see striking results!

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